Thoughts of a world citizen


Okay so here I am trying to put a piece of writing together for my brand new blog. I have had a blog sometime in the past. But after looking at how haphazard the ideas were, I finally decided after about three years to pull down all the contents and take a sabbatical. I have always known about all the good things pertaining to continuous reading and writing. The most important of them being the enhancement of the ability to communicate excellently in English. Why would I not especially after writing “u” instead of “you” and “r” instead of “are” in a formal exam. I also quite remember vividly some two decades ago when my dad filled his bedside locker with story books and his dream of us children becoming the best in our classes in English tests.

I still remember Gulliver’s Travels, Dr. Jakyl and Mr. Hyde among others… smh. ooops lol! To be clear, I am not formal English language freak nor an advocate against pidgin language! In fact, there is no better way to argue at three o’clock on a hot Saturday afternoon after and EPL game.’Abi you catch?’

Well enough of the jokes. I started working in industry sometime in 2007 immediately after my final Semester at the University of Ghana and I have since worked in various companies and in many roles! Many of these companies have been financial institutions.

The experience from all my previous roles have given me a broad perspective on using technology to effectively accomplish some simple tasks that often take a huge toll on busy accountants and IT persons. This is basically my primary motivation for starting this blog. I intend to create a platform for knowledge sharing for people managing information systems and business people who need tips on accomplishing basic tasks using Microsoft Office especially with Excel. This blog will also basically focus on social issues and other random events for which I think will need talking about.

So there we have it folks. Do come by once a while and watch out for my first post!