Written 12-06-2006 by Aliu Mikashini

Most often a mimic of itself.

Glittering with utmost ruthlessness

and zest of an enthusiastic wriggling worm.

One million in-built mega ego.

Really nasty contagious ego.

Often a grandfather of the glossy mouths,

mouths that are amigos to some vermouths.

vermouths that will only talk to mouths that are fortunate

not to have ever cried out loud.

Real propagater of psychotic happiness

and sadness

and love

and hate

though they most often care less.

How innocent yet totally shrouded with subtle guilt.

Guilt of innocence considering its inner realm

and outer perceptible influence.


Written 25-07-2006 by Aliu Mikashini

no day passes

without a subtle skirmish

between my mind and heart

and my soul.

the latest battles are of the desire.

metallic aura of desire.

only my thoughts then are aural.

unending and without boundary

for the listening pleasure of my mind.

both aminals in me are alert

most sure to be the saviour of my soul.